My First Filofax

For those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I'm a big fan of Filofax, so much so that I now own three and a Kate Spade planner.  Why the Filofax?  Well, I just couldn't seem to stay organized, and in the past I've purchased so many planners I'm embarrassed.  After, a couple of weeks or so I just didn't want to write in them.  However, thanks to Instagram I stumbled on several photos showcasing decorated Filofax pages.

While on Instagram, I got a chance to see where they shop for stickers, journal cards, sticky notes, washi tape, and pens.  So, I started did a little research about the Filofax.  While researching, I learned people from all over the world use them, their not to pricey, you have so much fun decorating your pages, and you get a chance to meet people from all over the world:) So, I bought my first two Filofaxes, and I haven't regretted it :)

Here're photos of my Filofaxes & Planners:

My Domino Personal Filofax & Metropol Pocket Filofax 
Pages in my Pocket Metropol Filofax

Pages inside in Personal Domino Filofax

My collection of Filofaxes & Planners

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  1. I'd be lost without my planner!