Wordless Wednesday: The Children's Zoo at Franklin Park

My boys are big fans of animals and really enjoy going to the zoo, so while visiting my in laws this summer, one day we got a chance to visit The Children's Zoo of Franklin Park in Dorchester, MA.  We really enjoyed our day at the zoo, and loved getting a chance to see the different animals while there.  Although, the weather was quite warm outside, we still got a chance to see all of the animals as well as try out the new 6D ride Rhino Rescue.  Here are several of my photos of our trip to the zoo:

The White-Crested Hornbill
Western Lowland Gorilla
Pygmy Hippopotamus 

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Linking up with Crafty Spices for Wordless Wednesday, hope to see you there:)


  1. How small was the pygmy hippo? I love the zoo. It's my happy place!

  2. Hello!

    Very small compared to the hippo. Really? I do too. It sure is, isn't it? Enjoy your evening!

    Lillies & Silk