Wordless Wednesday: American Indian Museum

Recently, my family and I got a chance to visit two museums within the nineteen Smithsonian Institution, and this particular museum was the American Indian Museum.  While there, we got a chance to see some pretty interesting artifacts, as well as sculptures.  Here are several artifacts my family and I saw while at the American Indian Museum.

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Greater Chiriqui sphere, AD 800-1500
(L) Central Caribbean male figure, AD 1000-1500; (M) Central Caribbean figure of a woman wearing a crocodile mask, AD 700-1000; (R) Central Caribbean male figure, AD 1000-1500
Central Caribbean grave marker with jaguar, vulture, and bat effigies, AD 1000-1500

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  1. Don't you love History? I'm just baffled how they made that sphere so round without any modern tools. It blows my mind how resourceful and smart ancient peoples were.

  2. I lived in DC during college and my favorite Smithsonian was always the Hirshhorn Museum. I've heard the food at the American Indian Museum is fabulous too