My Sewing Projects

I've been chopping at the bit to start sewing again, especially since my family and I are now settled in Maryland.  However, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't sew again until I purchased a new sewing machine.  My other machine was always scrambling my seams, which meant I'd have to undo all of my seams with my seam ripper and start over again:(  So, I went out a bought a newer and better sewing machine:)  Then, I made a list of the handmade summer sewing projects that I'd like to tackle before school started.

It feels so good to be sewing again, and I can't wait to cross off more sewing items off my project list. There's nothing like carrying around something that you made by yourself:)

Here are my new sewing items:

 A Market Tote
An Ipad Mini Case
A Zipper Pouch


  1. I love the ipad case! Super cute.

  2. Hello!

    Thank you and have a good evening:)

    Lillies & Sillk