Guest Post: Tricks for Revamping a Stale Wardrobe

Today, I'd like to introduce you to Liz Becker, a freelance writer, and my guest behind today's blog post.

Now, I'll let Liz take it from here...

It may be tempting to reinvent your wardrobe year after year, but it’s really expensive and unnecessary. By pairing what you already have with some fun accessories and inexpensive clothing, you can revamp your wardrobe for summer, giving it an entirely new look and feel.  

Whether you prefer neutrals or summer brights, you’ll find adding a few small items can really pump up your wardrobe for the warm months ahead.  As with the rest of your closet, choose your favorite accessories and see if you can’t blend them in too.  Mix and match everything, to find what works and get the most for your hard-earned money.

Bold Jewelry 

Bold jewelry pieces can make the same outfit look different.  Choose some large chandelier or hoop earrings.  Pair these with a delicate necklace. If earrings aren’t your thing, why not try a large, eye-catching necklace?  A large Lucite cuff or bold silver bracelet draws attention to tanned, bare arms.  Big, sparkling rings are another statement piece.  Make sure jewelry colors compliment your outfit.

A word of advice: If you’re going bold with your jewelry choices, make sure to choose only one statement piece.  You don’t want to overpower your outfit with multiple chunky bracelets and a statement necklace.

Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are always in style.  These cute tops feature pictures or sayings printed on the front.  You can use a slim-fitting graphic shirt to show your body shape for a casual day or if you're feeling stylish, use one of Vineyard Vines' graphic tees - as an intentional "boyfriend shirt" - with a pair of shorts or a knee-length skirt. You can dress this tee up or down, depending on your plans.  Graphic tees are perfect for wear-to-work and a day at the beach.

You can choose a weathered, vintage-inspired graphic tee for a look that’s totally now.  If you can’t find a vintage tee, why not try and distress a shirt yourself?  This DIY project requires that you wash a vintage t-shirt over and over again.  Rub sandpaper to fray the fibers and make the shirt appear more worn.  It should also be really soft after this process.

Change Up Your Sandals 

Sandals are a staple of spring and summer. You probably have a closet full of summer shoes. A new pair of sandals may be a good buy, especially because a pair of solid wedges or gladiators may change your entire look.

To change the look of some old flip flops, use mod podge mixed with super fine glitter.  Paint the glitter onto the sandals to create a sparkly new look.  Other sandals can be fixed up with a scarf or craft paint.

Add a Tote

In summer, you can’t go anywhere without a big bottle of sunscreen and at least two books.  To carry all that stuff around, you need a slightly oversized bag – larger than your normal shoulder bag or purse. This bag is a tote.

Snag yourself a new tote and dress to match it.  Wear whites, stripes and navy blues for a nautical themed tote.  For something more colorful, choose bright oranges and yellows.  Opt for a clear, white or black bag if you want something that matches everything.

A tote is a great option, because it’s so versatile.  If you’re heading to the beach, look for a bag made from PVC.  This material is easy to clean.  Sand and dirty roll right off its surface.  It’s also perfect for keeping towel, books and other items dry.

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