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Charming Inspiration 

Of course one of the nicest things about charm bracelets is that they can be so personalized, but even better than that they can tell a story.  A charm bracelet is something that can grow as you grow and your story gets longer.  Choosing a theme or simply adding new charms at special points in your life, there are so many things to take inspiration from.   Here’s some inspiration from Links of London on how varied and lovely they can be.

Oh the places I have been!
Building a charm bracelet as a memento of the places you have been is a wonderful way to keep them close to you.  But it doesn’t have to only be about far-flung cities – it could be pieces that remind of you of home.

The Story of a Lifetime
Adding a charm to signify an important change or event in your life is not only a treat but it will leave you with something really special to remember them all by.  This could be big things like buying a house for the first time or symbolic of reaching a more personal goal.

A Talisman’s Tale
A charm may not be able to guarantee good luck but it can remind you of how lucky you are – it’s surely a bonus that it will look so pretty too.

                                     Top tip:  We probably all have tiny keepsakes and 
                                     teeny trinkets from when we were children or 
                                     ones we've picked up along the way. Why not 
                                     add these to a charm bracelet too?

What theme would you choose?

Disclaimer...My post was a collaboration with the House of Fraser...

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  1. I love, love, love charm bracelets! I've always wanted one that represented my favorite movies. Like a peace sign for American History X, a bar of soap for Fight Club, A glass slipper for Cinderella, etc. I've never done it but these seem easy to do and would make great gifts!