What's in My Bag?

I'm a big handbag girl and often change my handbags daily, and this particular handbag I bought recently from Old Navy.  So, in my new Old Navy handbag I'm carrying a Kikki K berry planner, a Kate Spade planner/wallet, Kleenexes, Tylenol, my I Phone 5, car keys, a pencil pouch, my coin purse, a make-up bag, and L'Ocittane hand cream.

Now, that you've seen what I carry in handbag, what do you carry in your bag?


  1. Hmmm. My bag is my Coach monogrammed tote. Inside is my makeup bag, my Coach wallet, another bag with oil absorbing sheets, deodorant, tissues, perfume, cuticle oil and an emery board. My keys. A notebook and pens. That's all lol.

  2. Cute bag. I carry the same bag for year before I change them out. Then again I only own 7 handbags