The Nail Files: Neon Lights

So, you guys know that I'm a big gel polish girl however recently I'm found when I visit nail salons the CND Gel Shellac doesn't stay on my nails. UGH!  However, if I do my manicures with the Sally Hansen Pro Gel Kit my polish stays on, go figure.  Anyway, this particular manicure was done at a local nail salon and I'm so anxious to see how it holds up.

Linking up with Jennie Shaw for The Nail Files, hope to see you there ;)


  1. I've still never tried gel polish! I still need to.

  2. Pretty color. I had no problem with the Gel Shellac. I do have one gel polish that only last a week and I hate that fact

  3. A perfect pink! I do Gelish and Red Carpet Mani, but haven't tried the Shellac. I love gel polish!