Look What I Got: Phillip Lim for Target

I was so excited Phillip Lim was coming out at Target on September 15th, that I just couldn't wait. However, I decided to go ahead and wait because I knew it would be crazy, so I dropped by on the 16th instead.  Boy, I was excited because at my local Target they still had a good selection of Phillip Lim's pieces still left.

Here the items that I purchased that day at Target: The Phillip Lim French Terry, Silky Skirt "Animal", the Boom Scarf, a Black Gusset Tote, and a Taupe Medium Satchel.

What did you get a chance to buy when Phillip Lim for Target was released?

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  1. My area isn't really a fashion driven crowd, so our local Target still has a ton of the Lim collection left. It mostly sold out of the bags, which were what I REALLY wanted :( So I can borrow one of yours!

    1. I hear you, neither is my area. However, the handbags were one of the products that mostly sold out as well. Sure, you can :)

  2. You made out like a bandit! I love both the bags you got and that's awesome you were able to get them the next day. Thanks for linking up with us :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Sept. Group Giveaway!

    1. Yes, I did. Thank you, I know I was really lucky. Your welcome, I look forward to the weekly link up :)