I have a special treat today for all the college students and/or those attending college, it's CampusBookRentals.com.   Renting textbooks with CampusBookRentals saves you money plain and simple and gets the same result in your classes as buying your books.  Rent your textbooks without running the risk of your books becoming worthless at the end of your semester.  Also, you're able to rent the textbooks from the comfort of your home or office.  So, don't lose any more money at your school's bookstore.

So join the movement.  CampusBookRentals also offer new or gently used textbooks for typically half the price you'll pay at your school's bookstore.  So start searching for the college books you need and save money today!

Why choose CampusBookRentals?  They have a great support staff, they've been around since the beginning, so they know what their doing.  You'll save money, and if you decide to keep your book instead of renting it, just pay them the difference and the book is yours.  Also, they offer an 30 day risk free guarantee.  Also, there are tons of perks available, for instance free shipping both ways, your able to highlight in your textbooks, there great flexible renting periods available, monthly giveaways, textbook scholarships, and membership is free and you don't have to be a member to win.  Here is a short video on CampusBookRentals:

In addition to the renting books, CampusBookRentals also has a new program called Rentback.com.  This program is a new initiative that allows students to rent the textbooks they own to other students, which is great because it makes them 2-4x more money then they'd make is they sold their books back to the bookstore at the end of the semester.  Sounds great doesn't?  Here is a short video on the Rentback Program:

CampusBookRentals have a partnership with Operation Smile. Their an awesome organization that performs life changing cleft and lip surgeries on children whose families could not otherwise afford it.  The long-term effort on these children who have received these surgeries is incomprehensible. Also, CampusBookRentals donates to Operation Smile with each textbook rented.  So, if you're in need of textbooks and don't want to spend big bucks on your books, please check out CampusBookRentals.com

Disclaimer...This post was sponsored by CampusBookRentals, but written by me.


  1. Wish they had this program when I was in school!

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    Thanks for stopping by and I wish this program was available also when I went to college:) Have a good evening!

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