Exclamation Mark

Sweater (H&M), Skinny Jeans (Old Navy), Boots (Nine West), Tote (Gucci), Watch Michael Kors (ebay), Chain and Studded Bracelet Isshounoyakusoku via (etsy), and Black Leather Bracelet (Wanderlust).

My outfit for today is a novelty sweater I picked up at H&M recently, on the front of the sweater is a big pink glittery exclamation mark.  When I saw the sweater, I fell in love with the pink glitter and exclamation mark because I thought it was very different, plus it was the only sweater left in the store, so I really had to have it then.

Since, it's officially cold here in Indiana my outfits now will consist of coats, scarves, sweaters, long sleeved shirts, jeans, and boots.  I will also incorporate dresses and skirts, its been too long since I did a post on a dress or skirt.  I decided to pair my sweater with skinny jeans, a Gucci tote, black boots, and gold and gold accessories.



  1. I absolutely love this shirt! I even have exclamation earrings that will go perfectly with it! You look awesome, love the outfit :)

  2. Hello!

    Thanks! Ah man, really? They would be really cute with my top:)