What's in my Bag?

I thought I would do something different today and show you what I carry in my bag.  This particular bag is fairly new because I recently purchased it at H&M a couple of weeks ago.  When I first saw it hanging on the rack I couldn't believe that it was in the store, so I inquired about it and found out that it was the only one in the store.  So, you know I had to go ahead and buy it:)  When it comes to handbags I love all of them.  Which style is your favorite?

Here is my bag and the contents of my bag:  my wallet, a pair of sunglasses, makeup case, cell phone, gum, candy, notebook and pen, and mug sleeve.

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  1. I always keep a pair of sunglasses in my bag too. lol.

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  2. That's funny...

    Really! Oh my gosh! Thank you! I don't know what to say. I definitely will be checking out your blog.

    Yes, that sounds good.


  3. Newest follower here:) Just found you on the October 2012 Blog Hop.

    Come say hi!

  4. Hello and welcome! I'm glad you stopped by and I look forward to stopping by and saying hello.

    Thanks again