A Peplum, Tripod, and Wireless Remote

Peplum (Zara), MNG Mango via (JC Penney), Boots (Nine West), Tote (Burberry), Watch Michael Kors via (ebay), Renegade Cluster Bracelet (Stella Dot), and Basilissa Pave Bracelet (Ily Couture).

I've mentioned in an earlier post that my family and I are relocating to Maryland at the beginning of next year, so my husband and I were house hunting last week, and over the weekend we got a chance to visit DC to do a little shopping for the day.  While we were out, I got a chance to visit Zara for the first time and boy was I excited, it's been on my list of stores I want to visit when we move back east. Although, I didn't spend much time in the store, I did however purchase this peplum shirt that I couldn't wait to get back home and style.  So decided to wear my peplum with a pair of bootcut jeans, black boots, my Burberry bag, and gold accessories.

Also, I finally acquired a tripod from my brother and I purchased a wireless remote for my Canon T3i Camera which I'm so grateful for because until recently I waited around for my husband or oldest son to take my photos.  Now I don't have to wait anymore.  YEAH!!  My pictures are from my first photo shoot that I took today and I think they turned out pretty good if I may say so myself:)  No one needs to know that it took me almost an hour to get my camera focused properly and a good full body shot, but I think I got it.



  1. I am in LOVE with this outfit! I feel I cant wear that syle due to a little stomach pooch... but, man you look great! I also love the bracelts and watch!

  2. Hello, and thanks for stopping by. You are so sweet...

    Take care,


  3. Ok,this is my last comment...maybe! LOL
    You sound like me, waiting for my husband or youngest, most patient daughter to photo. me. I might need to invest in a tripod/remote.